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Mariana Diaz


I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but came to the states at age 8. Knoxville has been my home town for the past 14 years of my life. I attended Halls High school, played until my junior year as I decided not to play my senior year. I dedicated my senior year towards my development at IFA, and played with the boys college prep team as I began to look at my college options.


I accepted my offer at LMU under Sean Fraser.

My experience at LMU has been quite the ride. I was given the opportunity to be a 5 year captain, and have had the honor to lead the program all my five years. I have received the United Soccer Coaches All Scholar South Region Team of 2019 award, the First Team All-Conference in 2018-2019, and have have won the 2018/19 SAC conference tournament and the 2019/20 SAC conference tournament championships. During these years, I have been apart of a program that has been ranked at a national level through out multiple seasons and have played with exceptional players from different parts of the world. 


The sport has given me immense amounts of learning experiences about life, the game, and myself. Soccer has given me moments and relationships I cherish daily. I plan to continue my education, as I pursue my Masters in Business Analytics, while being an assistant coach at Lincoln Memorial University

Over the past year, I have had experience in session planning, recruiting, and leading training sessions with LMU and Soccer Player Academy. 

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