Get a head start on your conference, county and state rivals. How? Soccer Player Academy  trainers will come to your site for a week long program.

We will completely customize a curriculum for your individual team based on communication between you and the Soccer Player Academy staff, or you can choose to use our recommended version. Either way, our staff, in collaboration with you and your players, will provide an excellent experience and a guarantee that your program will start the season with an opportunity to experience success.

If you would like to hire a Soccer Player Academy trainer for a High School Team Camp, Please contact Coach Zee by email or phone or  865-360-1155


Our goal is to become an entity that can help your school reach its full potential by preparing your players throughout the off-season and/or training them during the season. We offer training, clinics, and camps  to any schools who are looking to get extra training with top-level coaches with our unique training and drills. Our coaches demand the best out of players with our high-level training and drills that attend to bring out the very best out of each player.  


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