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Welcome to Soccer Player Academy, founded by Coach Zee in 2020, where your journey to soccer excellence begins.


Are you ready to elevate your game? At Soccer Player Academy, we're not just a training facility; we're an academy dedicated to the comprehensive development of soccer talent at all levels. Our seasoned coaching team is here to guide you towards achieving your soccer aspirations, helping you transform into the best version of yourself on  & off the field.

At our core, Soccer Player Academy embraces a holistic training philosophy. We meticulously craft our programs to encompass the technical, tactical, mental, physical, and nutritional dimensions of soccer, ensuring our players acquire the confidence and prowess needed to join the ranks of elite athletes. Our passion lies in witnessing our players smash their goals, and we're committed to offering an unparalleled training journey to get you there. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to underscore the importance of skillful technique and tactical intelligence, empowering our athletes to unlock their full potential.

We staunchly believe in the synergy of EXTRA Training and Team Practice as the foundation of a Complete Athlete. An imbalance in this developmental formula means falling short of excellence. True mastery requires dedicating time both to team endeavors and individual growth.

Dive into the Soccer Player Academy experience, where personal development meets team success, crafting not just outstanding players, but complete athletes ready to conquer the soccer world.




Determine your current skill level

The initial session is designed as an introductory experience, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with the player. During this session, we conduct a fundamental assessment covering technical skills, fitness levels, agility, speed, cognitive abilities, and the player's comprehensive grasp of soccer.




A program customized for your needs

Following the initial session, we will craft a bespoke training strategy that aligns with the player's unique requirements, accentuating their strengths and addressing their weaknesses. This comprehensive plan will encompass opportunities to enhance technical skills, shooting, defending, awareness, position-specific drills, cognitive development, speed, agility, and crucially, bolstering their confidence.


The journey starts now

With your personalized plan in place, this marks the start of your transformative journey. Players will rapidly enhance their fundamental soccer skills, laying a solid foundation for further development. They will learn the significance of consistently training at an elevated intensity through our rigorous sessions and how to adapt to this level of demand. This discipline and skill set will seamlessly transfer to team practices and ultimately, into match situations.




Tailor a Personalized Strategy for On & Off the Field

Our approach is crafted to propel each athlete towards their objectives, fully unlocking their capabilities. Starting with an evaluation to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement, we proceed to an Information and Interest Questionnaire, deepening our grasp of their ambitions. Following this, a Player/Parent meeting is convened to establish objectives and devise a comprehensive program addressing both on-field and off-field development. Together, we'll embark on this journey, dedicated to ensuring the athlete fully realizes their potential.

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4702 Western Ave, Suite 102

Knoxville, TN 37921 


865 - 360 - 1155

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