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As Soccer Player Academy coaches/ trainers, we expect commitment in training and developing players. This taking to consider the player or players attending the session and tailoring to the needs within concepts. We are focused on the details of the players development; this means being able to home in on the little aspects of the game to help them improve. We develop mentality, technical, physical, and knowledge while having time with the athletes. We give you the freedom to develop a session based on the level specificized. Once you have had an athlete multiple times you have freedom to change up a focus that you consider important to improve aspects in their game. We are a team! Assisting each other within all aspects is crucial. Remember to have fun as a staff to be able to translate that high energy to the players. Communicate any concern, ideas, and or issues. 


  • Full-time Personal Trainers make from $15 - $45 per session

  • Flexible hours  

  • No direct sales or marketing

  • No split shifts

  • Bonuses and incentives based on performance 

  • Personal Trainers are independent contractors

  • Do NOT need personal insurance 




  • Minimum 6 months of coaching or personal training experience 

  • E License or Above for Soccer Trainings 

  • National Certification required for Speed and personal trainer (NASM or ACSM)

  • Understanding of injury prevention/management

  • CPR/AED and First Aid Certification

  • Self motivated Excellent verbal communication and listening skills


Zinyor Babiker (Coach Zee)

Director of Player Development 

865 - 360 - 1155

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