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At Soccer Player Academy, our coaches and trainers are dedicated to the commitment of training and enhancing player skills, with a keen focus on customizing sessions to the individual needs and goals of our attendees. Our approach zeroes in on the intricate details of player development, emphasizing the importance of honing both the minor and major aspects of the game for overall improvement. We prioritize the development of mental toughness, technical ability, physical fitness, and game intelligence during our time with the athletes.

We empower our coaching staff with the autonomy to design sessions that match the specific level of the players. After gaining familiarity with an athlete over several sessions, our coaches have the discretion to adjust the focus as they see fit, targeting areas they identify as crucial for the player's growth. Teamwork is the backbone of our philosophy. Supporting one another in every facet is vital for our collective success. It's important for us to maintain a fun and energetic atmosphere among our staff, as this positivity directly impacts our players. We encourage open communication regarding any concerns, ideas, or issues, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic training environment.


  • Full-time Personal Trainers make from $15 - $45 per session

  • Flexible hours  

  • No direct sales or marketing

  • No split shifts

  • Bonuses and incentives based on performance 

  • Personal Trainers are independent contractors

  • Do NOT need personal insurance 




  • Minimum 6 months of coaching or personal training experience 

  • E License or Above for Soccer Trainings 

  • National Certification required for Speed and personal trainer (NASM or ACSM)

  • Understanding of injury prevention/management

  • CPR/AED and First Aid Certification

  • Self motivated Excellent verbal communication and listening skills


Zinyor Babiker (Coach Zee)

Director of Player Development 

865 - 360 - 1155

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