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Coach Zee, the visionary behind Soccer Player Academy in Knoxville, champions the growth and skill development of young soccer talents. He stands by the principle that all players deserve the chance to hone their skills and embrace the game they cherish. With a robust background that spans over 25 years in both coaching and playing, Coach Zee brings a profound understanding of soccer's intricacies and effective strategies for achieving personal milestones.

Within Soccer Player Academy, Coach Zee provides an array of tailored services designed to enhance player performance. This includes individualized training sessions, comprehensive team coaching, and in-depth tactics and strategy workshops, among others. He is dedicated to fostering a sense of self-belief in players, guiding them to unlock their potential and achieve their aspirations in soccer.

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The Story of Zee

Coach Zee's journey in soccer began at Inter Futbol Academy (I.F.A.), serving as the Director of Coaching. There, he nurtured and guided players from the grassroots level up to collegiate athletes, significantly boosting I.F.A.'s profile through strategic player recruitment. His role expanded as he took on the position of Assistant Director of Player Development, where he was pivotal in achieving player aspirations.


His collaboration with Chievo Verona, a renowned Serie A player development club in Italy, strengthened international ties and enhanced the program's prestige. Coach Zee's leadership saw his United Red Boys team excel, maintaining an unbeaten streak for eighteen months and securing the title of Knoxville, TN's top team for two consecutive years. Under his guidance, 97 players from I.F.A. progressed to college-level soccer.

His success continued at Northwest Middle School, where he led the team to an undefeated season, only to be narrowly defeated in the finals during his inaugural year.

In 2017, Coach Zee moved to the Knoxville Football Club Crush (K.F.C. Crush), taking charge of the 01s, 04s boys and girls, and the 06s boys teams as a player development coach. His expertise has consistently led these groups to the state tournament annually, further establishing his reputation as a key figure in youth soccer development.



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