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Every year, countless student-athletes grapple with the daunting task of athletic recruitment: the stress of finding the right college, determining if it offers their desired major, and the added pressure of sports. Even after extensive research, many are left with unresolved questions: When should I apply to college? How crucial are test scores? How can I reach out to college coaches? Is a highlight reel necessary? What's the NCAA Clearinghouse? How does the recruitment process start?

Our Mentorship program is tailored to ease your journey through college preparation. We match each student with a seasoned mentor equipped with extensive knowledge to guide, support, and advise you throughout the college application ordeal. Our mentors assist in devising a personalized college prep strategy, navigating choices, securing scholarships, filling out applications, and more, ensuring a smoother transition to college life.


At Soccer Player Academy, we specialize in providing customized college counseling and recruiting assistance, specifically designed to meet the distinct needs of our student-athletes. Recognizing that each student-athlete possesses a unique set of ambitions and requirements, we dedicate ourselves to understanding every athlete and their family to guide them towards the ideal college fit. Through our comprehensive services, numerous athletes have secured positions at some of the nation's most prestigious universities and colleges.

Our tailored approach is focused on empowering each athlete to achieve their objectives and fully tap into their potential. The process starts with a detailed evaluation of the player to highlight their strengths and areas for improvement. Following this, we delve into our Information and Interest Questionnaire to gain deeper insight into their goals. A subsequent meeting with the player and their parents allows us to establish clear objectives and devise a well-rounded plan covering both athletic and academic development. Together, we'll rigorously pursue this plan to ensure the athlete is making the most of their abilities and opportunities.


  1. Player Evaluation

  2. Interest Exploration Survey

  3. Player / Parent Consultation

  4. Goal Definition & Planning

  5. Integrated On/Off Field Program Development

  6. Strategic Execution of The Plan

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