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Welcome to Soccer Player Academy, the premier sports training destination for aspiring soccer players located in Knoxville. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art training, innovative technology and equipment, and individualized coaching programs to help athletes achieve their goals for success on and off the field. With our recent partnership with Tekkers Performance Lab, our players can now experience cutting-edge training technology to help them reach their peak performance. We welcome any and all donations to help make this project a reality.

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Our flagship product, the ICON 3.0 is used by elite soccer clubs all over the world to fine tune skills, boost player engagement, and aid rehabilitation. 4M - 8M standard sizes with custom options, 12 professionally designed training programmers & detailed performance data from vibration sensors.


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Developed in partnership with elite clubs, the V2 adds an extra dimension to ICON training. As with the standard ICON, the V2 allows coaches to track player performance across multiple sessions using our data platform. The V2 allows coaches to assess a wider range of passing and movement, alongside psychological qualities like composure and determination.


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The Wireless Circuit allows coaches to create training drills around a diverse range of tactical scenarios. Modular and completely wireless, coaches can make use of the preset drills, or create their own using any combination of modules. The possibilities are endless! However you choose to set up the Wireless Circuit, Realtime feedback is available via the data
platform, giving coaches the insight they need to enhance training and boost performance.

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