private & Group training

Individual Training + Team Practice = Complete Athlete

If one part of the development equation gets out of balance, the end results does not happen.

In order to become the best player you can be, you must spend time both with your team and as an individual.

Team practice is an integral part of developing as a player. As a club coach AND professional trainer, I see the multiple benefits of this aspect of a player's development. At team practice, players learn general knowledge of the game; learning foundational movements, foot skills, passing & receiving with teammates, small sided application, team formations and more. Those ARE all crucial to improving as a player; especially in a sport that requires team oriented knowledge. So why is training still so important when players can "just go to practice"?


The problem is the lack of true individual development. While team practice can help players learn general aspects of training, most players do not gain the individual development needed to truly improve. Here's why:


  • Comfort Zones - Many players struggle at practice to step outside their comfort zones; usually due to fear of failure (peer or coach related).

  • Coach Focus - Coaches focusing on team oriented development with 12-18 athletes cannot give each individual the instruction and help they need without losing focus on others or the team.

  • Limited Practice Time - Most teams only practice 2-3 times a week or approximately 4.5 hours. If a teacher asked your child to become proficient in calculus with only 4.5 hours spent a week, that would be unrealistic. Soccer is the same. If you want to become proficient, you must do the homework to pass the test.

Our Personal Training Program is for youth players whose parents want them to receive some advanced technical training. It provides them with opportunities from direct teaching from one of our professional, licensed soccer trainers, who is over and above what their soccer club offers through its volunteer parent coaches. The mission of the program is to provide a flexible method for challenging, improving, and developing foundational individual soccer/futsal skills in a positive and fun environment as a complement to their club team. The program can significantly enhance your athlete’s personal playing experience through the confidence it instills.  

Individual & Groups Training (4-7 players)


The advantages of private sessions are clear: A player receives a trainer’s full care and attention and works only on targeted skills. But Soccer Player Academy also believes in the special advantages of carefully structured mini groups of 4-7 players. By challenging themselves against their peers as well as their trainer, players get all the benefits of private coaching, but in addition are able to take advantage of opportunities and training styles not available in solo work.

  • Individual technical skills training

  • Physical training: Speed, agility, and coordination

  • Cognitive and brain-based training: Multitasking, processing speed, situational awareness, smart decision-making and more

  • Position-based training: Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards

  • Travel tryout prep

  • Pre-season conditioning

  • Small Group Training


Group Session
1on1 Training Session




8 Sessions $65 per session = $520

12 Sessions $60 per session = $720

16 Sessions $55 per session = $880

20 Sessions $50 per session = $1,000

2on1 Training Session




8 Sessions $110 per session = $880

12 Sessions $100 per session = $1,200

16 Sessions $90 per session = $1,440

3on1 monthly


8 Sessions $135 per session = $1,080

12 Sessions $120 per session = $1,440

16 Sessions $105 per session = $1,680


gROUP Session

per session

4 ON 1 - $35 per player 

5 ON 1 - $30 per player

6 ON 1 - $25 per player

7 ON 1  $20  per player


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