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Staff Expectation 

At Soccer Player Academy, our expectation from staff is a strong commitment towards training and player development. This involves recognizing the unique needs of attending players and customizing sessions to fit those specific requirements.

Our dedication lies in the minutiae of player growth, emphasizing the importance of focusing on both broad and nuanced elements of the game for comprehensive improvement. We aim to enhance mental resilience, technical skills, physical conditioning, and game intelligence during our engagements with athletes.

We grant our staff the liberty to design sessions tailored to the prescribed level of proficiency. With repeated interactions with an athlete, coaches are encouraged to adjust their focus on areas deemed crucial for the player's enhancement.

Teamwork is our foundation. Mutual support in every area is essential. We advocate for maintaining a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere among our team, as this enthusiasm directly influences our players. We value open communication for any concerns, suggestions, or issues, ensuring a united and effective training environment.

Roles. Expectations. Responsibilities.

Lead Coach Responsibilities:

  • Session Planning: Craft detailed plans for each session.

  • Session Management: Assume complete command during the session.

  • Attention to Detail: Engage thoroughly with each player.

  • Punctuality: Arrive and set up at least 15 minutes before the session starts.

  • Player Feedback: Offer constructive feedback to players.

Supporting the Lead Coach:

  • Preparation Support: Assist in setting up for sessions.

  • Social Media Contribution: Help manage and update social media platforms.

  • Coaching Assistance: Support in coaching duties and exercises.

  • Additional Guidance: Serve as an alternate source of instruction and motivation.

Collective Duties:

All team members share the responsibility for managing equipment and ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the utilized spaces. It's crucial to act respectfully and responsibly towards the facility, all players, and any arising situations, maintaining a professional and supportive environment.


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