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Staff Expectation 

As Soccer Player Academy staff, we expect commitment in training and developing players. This while taking into consideration the player or players attending the session and tailoring to the needs within concepts. 

We are focused on the details of the players’ development; this means being able to hone in on the little aspects of the game to help them improve. We develop mentality, technical, physical, and knowledge while having time with the athletes.

We give you the freedom to develop a session based on the level specified. Once you have had an athlete multiple times you have freedom to change focus that you consider important to improve aspects in their game. 

We are a team! Assisting each other within all aspects is crucial. Remember to have fun as a staff to be able to translate that high energy to the players. Communicate any concern, ideas, and or issues. 

Roles. Expectations. Responsibility

Lead Coach:

  • Must plan sessions for the

  • Take full control of the session

  • Be detailed with the player(s)

  • Be there 15 minutes early minimum to set up

  • Provide feedback to players


Assistant the Lead:

  • Help set up

  • Assistance with social media

  • Help coaching

  • Be a second voice


We are all responsible for equipment and making sure the area being used in is clean. Be respectful and responsible to the facility, players, and situations.


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