Our mission is to help each student-athlete find a college they can call "HOME" while perusing their dream in the athletic department. 


Every year, thousands and even millions of student-athletes come face-to-face with the difficult challenge of athletic recruiting: how stressful it is to navigate a colleges of their liking, which college is the right fit, does it have what I am majoring in, and adding sports into the mix brings a whole new level of stress. Even those that do their own recruiting homework are left more questions then answers such as:  When do I apply to College? How important are test scores? How do I contact a college coach? Do I need a video? What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? How do I begin the recruitment process? and more...

At Soccer Player Academy, we understand and know what you're going through. Many of us have experienced firsthand what the college recruiting experience is like- as players and as coaches. And with that experience, combined with our expansive college coach network, advanced online technology, and proven recruiting methods, we will help hundreds if not thousands of student-athletes and their families find a "HOME".  

Our College Prep is designed to help high schoolers and late bloomers to achieve their life dream of being a college athlete. Weather you are a high school freshman or a late-blooming senior, Soccer Player Academy College Prep Program will help take the burden of uncertainty out of your hands by creating a plan in place for you to find your best college options.


We are more relatable, we offer cheaper prices, our emails to college coaches are about a specific player than many players