Soccer Player(s) Academy is a club natural supplement training academy whose top priority is developing and teaching players of all background. Our mission is to create an exciting learning environment to provide players from the recreation level to professional level the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to emphasize proper technique and technical play. We believe that youth organizations should focus on the team aspect of the game while we help improve their player's technical abilities and develop their soccer IQs. 

EXTRA Training + Team Practice = Complete Athlete

If one part of the development equation gets out of balance, the end results does not happen.

In order to become the best player you can be, you must spend time both with your team and as an individual.








We find out what level you’re at

First Session will be a general session where we will get to know the player and run him/her through a basic session in which we assess the players technical ability, fitness level, agility and speed, Cognitive capability, and overall understanding of the game.


A program tailored to you

After the first session we will develop a personalized custom plan to fit the needs of the player highlighting the players weakness and strengths. Players will have a chance to work on their technical ability, Shooting, Defending, Awareness, Positional specific work, Cognitive training, Speed and Agility, and most importantly grow their confidence.


Leveling up regularly

At this point the player will have the technical, Cognitive, and Physical skill sets to be considered a SPA Elite player and will have Constant ELITE level training with our top Coaches including priority to our ELITE CAMPS as well as opportunities to play at higher levels either in the country or internationally.


The grind to become elite starts 

Once we customize a plan for you, here is where the work begins. Players will quickly improve the core skills of soccer and we build on that foundation. Players will realize the importance of training at a high level at all times with our intense training and how to adopt to it. Players will carry that into team training and eventually games.